The Spot's Sexy and Educational Blog for Adults

The Spot's Sexy and Educational Blog for Adults

Remote Control Vibrators | 5 Toys for Socially Distanced Sex

The two app-driven toys are super sexy fun for couples who cannot be together for a variety of reasons. Some couples who live with relatives and are at higher risk for the Coronavirus have to be super careful. And, well, some couples just have long-distance relationships not Covid19 related and want to have some fun, too.

Winterize Your Lingerie with Sexy Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are the hot trend this winter! As the weather gets cooler, they're being seen over skinny jeans or below short skirts. And they make a great addition to lingerie, too! 

The Best Sexual Lubricants for Women in 2020

I find that the silicone body glide works great for hand jobs, blow jobs, penis in the vagina sex, strap on sex (condom on the dildo), and anal sex. Oh, and it is also wonderful for sex in the top or the shower, too. DO NOT USE IT in your home hot tub, however. It can be slippery and very very long lasting.

The Best Sex Lubes For Men

Do you prefer to drive a Ford Pinto or a Mercedes? There are thousands of sex lubricant...

Is Romance Dead?

Not if it is up to us here at the Spot Boutique in Dallas! We carry many beautiful st...

Lingerie For The Plus Size Hourglass Body Type

In the last blog, I gave a brief overview of four plus size body types: hourglass, oval, triangle, and inverted triangle. Now let's take a good look at just the plus size hourglass figure. Learn what makes it unique, three lingerie styles that best compliment it, and what lingerie to stay away from if you have one.

Our Picks for the Top 7 Amazing Sex Toys for Women

When I am at a party, bbq or at a function of some kind, the number one question I get ...

Sexy Sex Toys For Men

In the past 15 years or so, the sex toy business mostly catered to women when it came t...

Lovesense Lush 2 Made No Sense, but We-Vibe Chorus Has a Very Happy Ending

Merry here again with a review of the couples toy the We-Vibe Chorus!  It is such a buz...

2020 Lingerie Trends

Make snuggle time sexy with these three hot lingerie trends of 2020. You can buy these at The Spot Boutique in Dallas or online. Check out our huge selection! 

How to Choose The Perfect Fashion Corset

Corset buying can be an overwhelming experience. Even when you're just looking for something sexy to wear for your special someone, there are so many shapes and styles! Once you learn the basics, though, you're ready to hunt down that perfect corset.

What to Wear on Valentine's Day Night

It's finally here - the most romantic night of the year! Dinner reservations are made, the perfect little gift is wrapped in red paper, and massage oils are artfully arranged on the bedside table. Tonight, it's just you and your special someone. But wait - what to wear? Your new LBD may be the right choice for dinner, but what about ...ahem... after? Is a trip to the lingerie store in order? Here are three looks to inspire that last-minute negligee run

Five Sexy Plus Size Lingerie Looks

Sexy comes in all sizes! No matter your body type, lingerie can help you feel confident, playful, or in control. Check out these five suggestions for inspiration on how to build a curve-friendly lingerie look!

What To Do With A Bodysuit

Bodysuits are having a moment right now. High-end designers are loving them, and they're liberally sprinkled among our lingerie collection here at The Spot. They come in varying styles - from lacy to sporty - but, many people aren't quite sure how to integrate them into their wardrobe. 

The Vesper by Crave

Looking for a pleasure object that's discreet, powerful, and totally unique? The Vesper is taking the pleasure object market by storm. This stainless steel bullet is so discreet it lives a double life as a necklace! That's right, the Vesper's slender, straight body hangs from a delicate chain. 

DIY Punk Your Tights

Want to add sexy DIY to your style? Grab a pair of tights and punk them up! Some simple, no-sew modifications to thigh-highs or traditional pantyhose can save you from the ho-hum that is a plain pair of tights.

Blindfold Basics: How To Help Your Partner Enjoy Your First Blindfold Fun

Blindfolds are sexy, right? Yes! But, they're also an exercise in vulnerability for the person wearing one. Check with your partner before bringing one into the bedroom. Let them know you'd like to try a blindfold, but don't pressure if they express concerns or discomfort. 

The Spot's Top Three External Vibrators

External vibrators allow you to explore a wide range of delicious sensations: everything from whisper-gentle to mind-blowing intensity! Here at The Spot we offer a variety of external vibes. Some are small and discreet, others are large enough to massage tired shoulders.

Five Sexy Stockings That Aren't Fishnets

Fishnet stockings are super sexy, right? They add instant heat to any outfit. But, what if you're a little burned out on them? Check out these other styles of sexy stocking for a fun change.

Bubble Wrap Lingerie Is A Real Thing

Lace. Fishnet. Mesh. Satin. Think you've tried every lingerie material out there? Sorry, you can't claim the title of Lingerie Material Master until you've tried bubble wrap. That's right. Bubble wrap. Now you can adorn your body with a cute teddy or bikini made from this interactive plastic material.
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