A Perfect Pairing: Njoy Pure Plugs and Pjur Back Door Silicone Lubricant

If you haven't seen our line of Njoy plugs, you're missing out on one of our most beautiful displays. Gleaming stainless steel shines against the hot pink satin lining of the njoy product boxes. They're so pretty they look like jewelry!

But, these plugs aren't just pretty to look at. They're also beautifully designed to fit the body's anatomy. The bulb is tapered for easy insertion. The slim stem gently curves, adding extra stimulation for either him or her. An oval ring handle makes for a firm grip, yet is thin enough to be comfortable to wear. And the amazing thing about stainless steel is that it starts out cool, then gradually warms to your body temperature. Or, run it under warm water before use for a different expereince!

The Njoy plugs come in four sizes, but no matter which you choose you'll want to pick up a high quality personal lubricant to go with it. Pjur, a German company with a 20 year history of creating silicone lubricant, has just the thing. Silicone lube is a perfect pairing with stainless steel. It's more viscous than water-based and lasts longer on the skin. And Pjur's Back Door lubricant has a higher concentration of ingredients than even their popular Analyze Me. Bonus: the jojoba oil Pjur in Back Door acts as a natural boost to the smooth glide of the silicone.

Clean up is a breeze with stainless steel, too. Just wash with warm water and antibacterial soap, then let air dry. To bring up the beautiful shine of the metal, just buff with a soft cloth. Et voilà! You have a shiny, classy, gorgeous plug that will last for years.

Ready to pair steel with silicone? Stop by The Spot to pick up your Njoy and Pjur. We're conveniently located just south of Pres. George Bush tollway on Preston Road. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection. Click here for google map and directions.

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