Blindfold Basics: How To Help Your Partner Enjoy Your First Blindfold Fun

Talk about it - Blindfolds are sexy, right? Yes! But, they're also an exercise in vulnerability for the person wearing one. Check with your partner before bringing one into the bedroom. Let them know you'd like to try a blindfold, but don't pressure if they express concerns or discomfort. Ask them to set any restrictions they need to feel comfortable, like agreeing to a semi-transparent cloth first or promising to take the blindfold off at any point. Remember, enthusiastic consent is what you're looking for!

Comfort is key - Eyes are delicate, so be sure to check with your partner about the tightness and pressure as the blindfold goes on. Pro tip: If your partner has long hair and the blindfold ties in the back, ask them to hold their hair away from the knot as you tie it. Hair pulling can be fun, but probably not this way.

Keep in touch - If your partner has never used a blindfold before, they may not be able to tell where you are when you aren’t touching them. A simple solution is to keep a hand lightly resting on your partner, even if you’re moving around. Need to step away completely? Tell your partner what you’re about to do and they’ll be prepared for the loss of contact.

Get sensual - Once your partner's eyes are covered, their other senses intensify! Gentle sighs and murmured words will not be missed by the blindfolded partner. Softly telling them what you are about to do creates a delicious sense of anticipation. And caresses that your partner might not have noticed before now become the center of their attention. Try a soft, slow touch and watch how they react!

Easy does it - When you're both ready for the blindfold to come off, remember that your partner's eyes have adjusted to the dark. Keep the lighting low and indirect, and give them a few seconds to become reaccustomed to the sensation of no longer wearing the blindfold.

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