Want to add sexy DIY to your style? Grab a pair of tights and punk them up! Some simple, no-sew modifications to thigh-highs or traditional pantyhose can save you from the ho-hum that is a plain pair of tights.

Rip 'em Up - Random runs may not look so great, but tight ripping is now an art form! Try creating a spooky skull on your thigh. Or create a stacked line of micro-tears in a strategic place. Want to control the rip? A little clear nail polish will stop it in its tracks.

Layer Colors - Fishnets and sheer hose are perfect for combining! They add a layer of sexiness while allowing the tights underneath to shine through. Slip a pair of red panty hose underneath a some black fishnets for a hot look. (Don't have red hose? Click here to grab a pair from The Spot Boutique's online store.) White hose under sheer pink thigh-highs are super cute. Bonus points for holding the thigh-highs up with a white garter belt. Really, the possibilities are endless!

Safety Pins - Safety Pins are an iconic punk DIY accessory. Group them together to make diamonds, circles, or squares. Run a line of them down the back or your tights to create a metallic backseam. Create a faux anklet with the tiny brass ones for some easy glam. Snip a hole, dab the edges with clear nail polish, then close the gap with extra-long pins. Try decorative novelty pins for something different!

Galaxy Effect Bleach Spray - Ok, stay with me on this. Got a pair of black or navy leggings? Fill a spray bottle with bleach, and give them a light spritzing. (In a well-ventillated, bleach-spritzing safe area, of course. Outside is best.) Instant galaxy effect!  The bleach creates a white starscape against the dark fabric.

Ready to try your own DIY tights? Swing by The Spot or check out our online store to get started! We're conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection!

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