Five Tips For Buying Your First Butt Plug

There are so many choices for anal toys these days! If you're curious about it all, a plug is a good way to start exploring. But, not all butt plugs are created equal. Which one should you start with? Get ready to choose your first butt plug with these five tips.

1. Start Small

If you don't have a lot of experience with anal play, it's better to start small. Ideally, the plug should be no bigger than two fingertips at its widest point. Larger plugs can be uncomfortable when your body is first getting used to the sensation of insertion. Keep it small to keep it comfy.

2. Make Sure It Has A Flared Base

Not all toys are safe for backdoor fun. The anus will actually pull toys into the body, so anything that goes back there needs to have a flat base that will stop it from sliding all the way in. (And prevent that awkward conversation at the emergency room.) If you choose a plug from a reputable company, like Tantus, it will have a base that flares out from the toy and acts as the stopper. But, not all companies manufacture anal toys with safety in mind. Be sure you look for that flared base before purchasing.

3. Silicone Is Soft And Safe

Anal plugs are made out of all kinds of materials: plastic, metal, glass, jelly, rubber, etc. But, silicone is the ideal material for the beginner. Silicone is flexible, so it will accommodate your anatomy. It also has a bit of “give” when you squeeze it, which will be more comfortable when inserting. A high quality silicone toy will also be body-safe. Silicone doesn’t release chemicals that can be toxic or irritating. It’s also non-porous, which means that when you sanitize it, bacteria washes right off of the surface. Other soft materials can actually hold on to bacteria even after it’s washed. Silicone prevents this.

4. Choose The Right Shape For Your Body

A good beginner unisex butt plug will have tapered tip that flares out into a bulb-like shape. After that, a long, thin neck will extend to the flattened base. This shape is perfect for helping the body hold on to the plug. There are actually two concentric rings of muscle in the anus, and the skinny neck should be long enough to extend past both of them. That way, the inner ring of muscle isn’t triggered to push out the toy. Instead, it will contract around it, holding it nicely in place.

Do you have a prostate? Then you might want to try a plug with a curve at the tip. Plugs that have a curved tip mimic the action of a curled finger. They’re designed to stimulate the prostate, which many men say adds to the pleasure of a plug. Fun Factory’s Bootie is a great example of a prostate-friendly beginner plug.

5. Lube, Lube, Lube

The backdoor doesn’t naturally produce lubricant to help with penetration. So, you’ll need to pair your first plug with a bottle of lube. High quality anal lubes are silicone based. They have a slippery feel to them that helps with insertion, and don’t dry out as fast as water based products. But, most silicone lubes will damage the surface of silicone toys. Uberlube is an exception. It’s a hypoallergenic silicone lube that seems to be safe on anything. We’ve tested it on silicone with success, and I’ve run across toy review bloggers that use it with all of their toys. It doesn’t have that sticky feel that most silicone lubes have, either.

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