Fleshlight Quickshot Boost: The Men’s Toy That Lets Your Partner Play, Too

Based right here in Texas, Fleshlight is the most famous name in men’s toys. Their original model, along with the travel-size Flight, fly off our shelves here at The Spot. When we added the Quickshot to our collection, it soon became the go-to men’s toy for couples.

The Quickshot is a male masturbater that, unlike the original Fleshlight, doesn’t completely encase the penis. When not in use, it looks kind of like a small, plastic barrel. When in use, the two end caps separate from the center section to reveal a soft, 3.5 inch inner sleeve with a textured shaft that goes all the way through. 

Because the Quickshot is open on both ends, it makes a great couples toy. Its compact shape allows a partner access to the end of the penis for oral or hand fun. Erika Moen, author of the toy review comic, Oh Joy Sex Toy, even sings its praises as a handy deepthroat assistant in this (very explicit) comic.

Want to make your Quickshot experience even more fun for you and your partner? Pair it with a bottle of System JO’s Oral Delight. This water based lubricant combines flavor with sensation. The receiving partner gets a stimulating tingle, while the giving partner enjoys a peppermint, vanilla, cherry, or strawberry flavor!

Ready to pick up your own Quickshot? Maybe want to see your other men’s toy options? Swing by our Dallas location to check out our selection. The Spot is conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection.

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