Four Ways to Explore the Sensual Side of Kink

Fifty Shades of Grey blew the lid off of kink, making it a main-stream fantasy all over the world. What if you want to try some of the hot fun you've read about or watched, but aren't ready for the sting of a crop or crack of a whip? The Spot carries a variety of products designed to help you explore the sensual side of kink.

Satin and Lace Lover's Kit by Sportsheets

Bondage can build trust and add excitement to your partnership, but not everyone's into rope, black leather, or stainless steel. The Satin and Lace Lover's Kit lets you explore the thrill of restraint with a romantic touch. This three-piece set has two gently padded fabric cuffs and a matching blindfold. Sleek satin rests against your skin. Black lace enhances your beauty. Soft ribbons keep the restraints - and you - in place.

Feather Ticklers by Sex and Mischief

Ticklers are for more than just giggles. The caress of a feather feels different to different areas of the body. Quiet your mind, and let your lover enjoy your reactions as the whisper touch delights your most sensitive spots.

Volt by System JO

Ready to graduate from tickle to tingle? Ask your lover apply a small drop of this arousing tingling serum. It will keep your attention on intimate areas while your partner enjoys the rest of your body. Volt contains no parabens or L-arginine, and comes in three strengths. Start with the 6V, or rev up the tingle with the 9V or 12V.


LELO's SenseMotion line of products allows your partner to take total control of your pleasure. IDA's unique wireless remote responds to both a tilt or a shake of the hand. Or, find the perfect combination of pulse and power with LELO's easy to operate three button controls. Your lover can ramp up the buzz or bring it down to a low rumble at will. IDA's couple-friendly design even allows him to share in the good vibes during intimacy! Click here to view IDA in our online boutique.

Want to start exploring the sensual aspects of kink? Stop by The Spot, and let us guide you through our beginner restraints and more! We're conveniently located just south of the Pres. George Bush Tollway on the corner of Preston Road and Mapleshade Lane. Click here for map and directions.

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