The Bootie is a favorite plug among beginner back door enthusiasts. It’s small, firm, flexible, and comfortable. Want all that awesomeness in larger sizes, too? Enter the Bootie Set.

Fun Factory in now packaging their original Bootie, along with the Bootie Medium and Large, together in a single kit. They’re all shaped like someone signalling “come here” with their finger. A straight neck flares out to a curved bulb. The curve helps the Bootie stay in place. And if the wearer has a prostate, it’ll provide stimulation there. A thin, crescent shaped base is designed to comfortably nestle between the wearer’s cheeks.

The Bootie Small is 3 inches in length with a diameter of 1 inch. The Medium is a little over 3.5 inches long and a little under 1.5 inches diameter. The Large jumps up to almost 4.5 inches, but is barely a quarter inch larger in diameter than the Medium. In the Bootie Set, the color of the Small and Large is basic black. The Medium is a handsome maroon.

All of the Booties are medical grade silicone, so you’ll want to use a high quality water based lubricant on them. We recommend Pjur’s water based Analyse Me. This condom-safe lube is super charged with hyaluronan for extra moisture!

Have questions about beginner plugs? Stop by our Dallas location to see the Bootie Set - and other options - in person. We’re conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection.

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