Hands Free for Him: Fun Factory's Cobra Libre II

Today, men's pleasure objects are both stylish and powerful. Fun Factory's Cobra Libre II has a sleek, masculine look while delivering plenty of rumble. No stroking required, either! Use it solo, hands free, or with a partner.

The Cobra Libre isn't a stroker. It's purpose in life is to focus continuous vibration on the head of the penis. A hard, body-safe plastic shell houses two motors and a soft, padded silicone sleeve. But, wait. Don't imagine a Fleshlight. The Cobra Libre looks and functions very differently from that well known masturbator.

The entire toy is just under six inches in length, and kind of looks like a sports car and a capital T had a baby. A gently curved body ends in a rounded T-bar that holds the vibrator for the very tip of the glans. This T-bar is highlighted by silver hubcap-looking circles on either side. (If the Cobra Libre only had glowing stripes on it, it would totally look like something out of Tron. Seriously.)  The other motor sits under the body, giving vibrations directly to the sensitive glans' underside.

When split along the horizontal axis, the bottom half of the body is made of rigid, body-safe plastic. It's shaped to comfortably fit in the hand, too. The top half if divided into two sections. The section closest to the body envelops about 3 inches of the erect penis in soft silicone. The underside of the opening has a rigid core covered in a slightly padded silicone. It's internal design has a little hill followed by a dip. The dip houses the glans and the hill focuses vibration on that sensitive spot underneath. The top covering of the opening is just the soft silicone. This allows you to apply pressure. It also makes a comfortable surface for a partner to grind against. Just sayin'.

The other section of the upper half contains Fun Factory's standard three button control. The big, red FUN button turns the Cobra Libre on. The plus and minus buttons scroll through eleven vibration functions. Solid vibrations, escalating patterns, and various pulses mean you'll never get bored. Some of the functions even switch the vibration back and forth between the two motors!

So, what about hands free use? When in a reclining position, you can rest the Cobra Libre on the abdomen. It's got a bit of weight to it, and should stay in place just fine. The Cobra Libre will take care of the the vibration portion of your fun, leaving your hands (or your partner's hands) free for other fun.

Oh, and did I mention that the Cobra Libre II is fully waterproof? Feel free to use it in the bath or shower.


Upgraded version of the original

Silicone and body-safe plastic

5.8 inches long, 3 inch insertion depth

Designed to deliver vibration to both the tip and underside of glans

Soft silicone section allows you to apply pressure

2 motors

11 vibration functions


USB rechargeable

Made in Germany

2 year warranty

Available in store

 Want to make you own 1980's pop culture comparisons? (Is Tron still 1980's pop culture now that there's a recent remake?) Swing by our Dallas location to take a look at our Cobra Libre II in person. We're conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade stoplight.

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