How to Choose The Perfect Fashion Corset

Corset buying can be an overwhelming experience. Even when you're just looking for something sexy to wear for your special someone, there are so many shapes and styles! Once you learn the basics, though, you're ready to hunt down that perfect corset.

Bustier or Corset - A bustier is all about the lift. It can provide a slimming structure for the torso, but its main goal in life is bust support. If the corset-like garment you’re holding has bra-like cups, then it’s probably a bustier. A regular corset is all about the hourglass figure. It cinches in the waist to help accentuate bust and hip curves.

Underbust or Overbust - Corsets are divided into two broad categories. Underbusts focus on the waist. They support the torso from the lower ribs down. Underbusts are perfect to pair with a sexy bra and panties set, or to wear over a shirt in order to emphasize the small waist they create. Overbusts create an over-all slimming silhouette by giving torso support while covering the bust. Some even have subtle shaping in the bust to accommodate the extra curves.

Neckline Choices - Overbust corsets usually fall within three neckline choices: straight, scoop, or sweetheart. A straight neckline is just what it sounds like - the fabric runs straight across the bust, pushing the lower section up to provide lift. (Think Renaissance Faire costume.) It’s great for creating a full-bust look no matter your figure. Scoop corsets often have shoulder straps that transition into a gently scooping neckline. They also create a full bust, balance small shoulders, and create the illusion of a long, graceful neck. A sweetheart neckline features two upward curves resembling the top of a heart. If you’ve already got all the bust, then this is the neckline for you. It accentuates cleavage while providing support and coverage.

Sizing - Most corset fans recommend that you choose one that's about two inches smaller than your natural waist. That way you get a smooth, slimming fit. But, sizing for fashion corsets isn't standardized. Some companies give you a measurement in inches, while others just use the Small, Medium, or Large system. If you're a corset newbie, ask if you can try it on before taking it home. Or if you're shopping online, make sure the store will let you return it. Once you've tried on a few corsets, you'll get a feel for what size fits you best

Alright, now you know the basics. Time to put your knowledge to the test! Swing by The Spot to pick out your perfect fashion corset. We're conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush Tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection.

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