Jimmyjane Form 2 versus Intro 2

We now have the brand new Jimmyjane Intro series! Jimmyjane took four of their popular Form series models and redesigned them for a wider audience. Our favorite at The Spot is the cute little Form 2, so I was really excited to see how the Intro 2 compared. Here's what I discovered:

TLDR: The Intro 2 is bigger and takes AAA batteries. The Form 2 is more powerful and is rechargeable. They're both body-safe and fully waterproof. The Intro 2 is about $100 less, but the warranty is only one year - two years less than the Form 2.

The thing I noticed first was the size difference. The Form 2 is pretty compact, and is dwarfed by the Intro 2. But, when I picked up The Intro 2, it still nestled comfortably in the palm of my hand. A nice thing about the size difference is that the two ears that contain the motors are longer than the ones on the Form 2. That's right, I said motors. Both of these have a separate motor in each ear. Both of the ears are flexible on both models, too. That way you can pinch them together for a full-contact vibration experience.

Once I had the Intro 2 in hand, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the surface felt very similar to the Form 2. They both have a matte finish, and the body-safe silicone feels relatively smooth with just a bit of drag. But, when I looked at the front of the Intro 2 for the control buttons, they were't there. Form 2's three-button control allows you to scroll through the four pulse patterns, then independently adjust the intensity of each one. Intro 2 has a single control button on the bottom. This button will scroll through the three solid vibration intensities and three pulse patterns. And though the three pulse patterns were interesting, they just didn't have the oomph of the Form 2 at full intensity.

And that brings me to the main difference between the two models: power source. The Form 2 has a body-safe stainless steel circle on the bottom of it. This makes contact with charging points in a separate cradle that will plug into any USB charger. The Intro 2 runs on two AAA batteries. A body-safe plastic ring runs around the bottom of the Intro 2 to let you know that the lower part will unscrew so that you can load the batteries. (Bonus: Jimmyjane includes the first two with your purchase.) A nice feature to the Intro 2 is that even though the bottom unscrews, when it is reassembled, it's fully waterproof. Both the Form 2 and Intro 2 can be used in the shower or bath.

That's about it for feature comparison. Jimmyjane did expand the color selection for the Intro series, though. The Form 2 is available in a slate gray and a tasteful pink. The Intro series are all available in a slightly brighter pink, an almost-black navy blue, and a sophisticated burgundy.

What about price? The Intro 2 is about $100 less than the Form 2! But, even though the Intro series is meant to be an affordable introduction to pleasure objects, Jimmyjane still stands behind their quality. They famously warranty the Form series for three years. The Intro series carries a one year warranty.

All in all, I think the Intro 2 is a great introduction to the two-eared external vibrator world. I love that Jimmjane kept the separate motors in the tips of the ears instead of just plopping a single motor in the body. Waterproof = awesome. Also, the fact that it's silicone means it's still body-safe and easy to keep clean. All good things.

Want to check out the new Intro series for yourself? Stop by The Spot to check out our display models. We're conveniently located just south of Pres. George Bush tollway on Preston Road. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection.

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