L’Amourose Rosa: Bridging The Gap Between Lay-on And Traditional Pleasure Objects

Love the broad coverage of a lay-on massager, but want one that also works as a traditional vibrator? L'Amourose Rosa gives you the best of both worlds. Instead of a traditional handle, the Rosa's insertable length is connected to an oval shaped base that cradles in your hand. This base act like a lay-on, turning it into a unique rabbit-without-the-rabbit-arm G-Spot or P-Spot massager.

Body Safe Luxury

The Rosa, and it's rabbit counterpart the Denia (pictured above), are made from medical grade silicone. L'Amourose created a lovely silicone for their products. It has a velvety-smooth matte finish, and they did a wonderful job at "erasing" the seams. The bottoms of the handles are made from black, ABS body safe plastic. They're both waterproof and recharge via a separate USB compatible charging base.

Unique Design for G-Spot or P-Spot

What really sets the Rosa apart from other luxury pleasure objects is the design. Most insertables have a long handle that extends out from the usable length. But, the Rosa's handle is a gently flattened oval base that creates an L shape with the shaft. That means that even without a seperate rabbit arm, the Rosa offers both internal and external stimulation.

The insertable length of the Rosa has a gentle curve to it, making it great for either G-Spot or prostate massage. The tip is a slightly tapered bulb that thins down to a flexible shaft. The broad base has a separate motor and acts as a lay-on, full coverage clitoral massager. It also makes the Rosa safe for anal play. (Backdoor bonus: the second motor in the base = perineum massage!)

Over 100 Vibration Variations!

The Rosa's controls are three discreet buttons embossed into silicone on the side of the base. a center icon lets you scroll through nine different pulse patterns. The plus and minus buttons lets you adjust each pattern through twelve intensities. Those nine patterns with the twelve intensities each makes for 108 variations!

The Rosa's vibrations are good and rumbly, too. You can clearly feel them in both the shaft and the base. The Rosa even has several patterns that alternate between the two motors!


Silicone and ABS plastic

Shaft = 4.5 inches long, 4.75 inch circumference

Base = 3.5 inches long total, 2 inches extend past shaft, 2 inches wide

Safe for anal and prostate massage

Rechargable with up to 3 hours use on one charge

9 vibration patterns with 12 intensities each


One year warranty

Available in store

Ready to give L'Amourosa a try? Swing by our Dallas location to check out the display models. We’re conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade stoplight.

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