Lingerie For Plus Size Body Types

Looking for plus size lingerie that compliments your figure? Easy-peasy! All you need is a little knowledge about plus size body types: hourglass, oval, triangle, and inverted triangle. Find yours below, then check out the suggestions for lingerie that showcases your best features!

Hourglass Body Type

You know you have an hourglass figure if your bust and hips are similar in size, and your waist is smaller. If you have this 1950's Hollywood bombshell figure, look for lingerie that does two things: provides support in the bust and emphasizes your curves. 

What to wear: Hourglass figures can totally rock that vintage pin-up look. An underwire bra for support, a full pantie, and a garter belt with thigh-highs is a fabulous outfit to show off your figure. And if you wear the garter belt just above the hipline, it'll emphasize the inward curve of your waist. Don't want to deal with removing the garter belt before getting intimate with your partner? Choose an open crotch pantie. Problem solved!

What to avoid: Garments that are loose in the torso or cover the hips. These demphasize your curves, giving you a rectangle or top-heavy look. If you'd like to cover your midriff, choose a form-fitting teddy or body suit with some support in the bust.

Oval Body Type

The oval is the opposite of the hourglass. Your waist measurement is larger than your bust and hips, and you probably have slim legs. To help balance this out, choose lingerie that creates hourglass curves by defining a waist plus emphasizing the bust and hips. 

What to wear: Anything with a front center panel that mimics the hourglass shape. This can be done in a number of ways. A hip-length chemise could have a lace insert that widens at the bust and the bottom hem. A body stocking could have circular side cut-outs that create the hourglass shape. This also gives definition to the torso.

What to avoid: Long gowns with little tailoring. Oval shapes need more definition, not less. And long gowns tend to cover one of the oval shape's best features - the legs!

Triangle Body Type

Triangle body shapes have generous hips and lower torso with a smaller bust and shoulder. If this sounds like you, look for lingerie that draws the eye upward and softens the hips.

What to wear: Babydolls with decoration on the bust are perfect for your body type. Embroidery, ruffles, sparkles, and lighter colors will emphasize the upper half of the body. Cups with foam padding add definition and volume to the bust. A darker color under the bust with flowy fabric that ends mid-thigh visually balances larger hips. 

What to avoid: Bold colors or decorations around the hips.

Inverted Triangle

Larger in the shoulder and bust, with a smaller waist and hip? You're body type is inverted triangle. Since you've already got all the bust, look for lingerie slims the shoulders and creates curves at the hips.

What to wear: A sensual gown with a halter top and a faux wrap. The V neck created by a halter's straps breaks up the line of the shoulders, visually slimming them. You can also adjust the width of the neckline to find your cleavage comfort zone. A faux wrap that pinches fabric on one sideseam creates a waistline that emphasizes the hips. A hip-length leg slit also visually draws attention to that hip-into-leg curve. Don't want a long gown? Forget all that and grab yourself a cute bra and a ruffly boy short! The ruffles will balance out the shoulder and bust. There. That was easy!

What to avoid: Strapless bras. Anything strapless will make the shoulders look even more broad.

Need a little help understanding the difference between the a chemise and a babydoll? Click here to spruce up Lingerie Basics knowledge. Once you know both your body type and the basic styles of lingerie, you're ready to find the perfect style for you!

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