Lingerie For The Plus Size Inverted Triangle Body Type

Over the last few days, I've been taking a look at what lingerie best complements three different plus size body types: hourglass, oval, and triangle. Today, I'm spotlighting the inverted triangle body type. Keep reading to find out if this is your body shape. If it is, you'll find three lingerie styles that balance out your curves. Bonus: I'll also let you know what lingerie style to stay away from!

The inverted triangle body shape is sometimes referred to as the strawberry. If you have this body shape, your hips are more slender in proportion to your shoulders and bust. The broad shoulders can give you a beautiful décolletage and visually create slender legs. If you'd like a balanced, hourglass-like appearance, you'll want to emphasize the hip area.

Halter Top Hottie

Halter tops narrow at the top because they fasten behind the neck. This line fools the eye into seeing the shoulders as narrower, too. If you have a generous bust, avoid halter tops that transition straight into the body of the garment without any tailoring. A fitted underbust is going to create both support and added visual narrowing.

Ruffle Pantie Princess

The easiest, and possibly cutest, way to add balance to the inverted triangle is with ruffle panties. These full panties feature tiny overlapping rows of ruffles across the entire garment. They add instant volume to balance out broad shoulders and a generous bust. To create the suggestion of an hourglass figure, pair them with a simple and supportive bra. The support will define and lift the bust into the hourglass shape. A simple, solid color fabric will divert attention to the frilly pantie, visually balancing the upper and lower torso.

Casual Cami and Boyshorts

Most people think that boyshorts hide hips. But, they actually act as a wide horizontal stripe across the hips. The horizontal line visually widens the hips and brings it into proportion with the upper torso of an inverted triangle body type. A cami top in a slightly darker color than the boyshorts will heighten the effect. Find one with a built in bra for easy support.

What To Stay Away From

You may be tempted to pick up a ruffly bra to go with those ruffle panties, but resist. Simple, clean lines in the upper torso are what you're looking for. Feel free to liberally apply fun colors, ruffles, ribbons, or embroidery to the hip area, though.

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