Lingerie For The Plus Size Oval Body Type

A couple of days ago I gave a brief overview of four plus size body types: hourglass, oval, triangle, and inverted triangle. Today we're going to focus on just the plus size oval figure. Continue reading to learn what makes it unique, three lingerie styles that best compliment it, and which one to stay away from.

An oval body type is some times call an apple. The waist is rounded in the middle, and may have a larger measurement than the bust or hips. Legs and arms may be proportionally more slender, and shoulders may be broad. Lingerie for the plus size oval body type should enhance the bust, create the suggestion of an hourglass-like figure, and show off those legs!

Come-Hither Chemise

A chemise with a mid line panel in a contrasting fabric can work wonders for an oval body shape. A chemise is a curve-hugging, dress-like garment that covers the midriff and ends just below the hip line. Find one with a front panel of fabric that's lighter in color. This will draw attention to the vertical mid-line, creating the illusion of a slim midriff. And since it ends at the hip line, the legs get to shine. (Bonus points if the front panel tapers outward at the bust and the bottom hem.)

Balconette Beauty

The broad shoulders of the oval shape often make for a beautiful décolletage, the upper chest between the neck and the bust. A balconette or shelf bra showcases this area, bringing the eye up and away from the midriff. A good one will provide support in the form of an underwire, tailored construction, and sturdy straps. And when you try it on, it should lift and present without causing the bust to spill out.

High-cut Hottie

Lengthen and highlight your legs with a high-cut teddy. A teddy is a one piece garment reminiscent of a bathing suit or leotard. Styles with a higher cut in the legs show off your slender lines below the hips.

What to Stay Away From

High waisted panties create a horizontal line in the middle of the midriff. This is the opposite of what you want! If you're going to a vintage or modest look, stick with a one piece garment like a chemise or teddy.

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