Nalone Oxxy: Pump Up The Volume with Bluetooth-Controlled Vibrations

Nalone, maker of the Rhythm X2, are dropping their bluetooth connect technology into a male vibrator. The Oxxy syncs to bluetooth enabled phones, laptops, etc. Whatever sounds the device makes translate into vibrations. The louder the sound, the more intense the vibration. Bonus: pump up the air pocket in the Oxxy to control pressure, too!

General Info

The Nalone Oxxy is a male vibrator designed to provide sensation to the head of the penis. A hard, body-safe plastic shell fully encloses the first 3.5 inches of the shaft in a silky-soft silicone. A three-button control powers on the toy, then allows you to choose traditional vibration patterns or a bluetooth connection. The motor is positioned on the bottom of the 1.5 inch wide shaft, making it perfect for stimulating the sensitive underside of the glans. Squeeze the ball-like tip of the toy, and an air pocket inside the shaft inflates, intensifying the pressure.

Traditional Vibration Patterns

Hold down the power button for a couple of seconds and it will light up. You’re now ready to choose between the traditional vibration patterns or the bluetooth feature. If you click the button with the squiggly line, the Oxxy buzzes into life. Keep clicking it, and it will scroll through three solid vibration speeds and four patterns.

Bluetooth Feature

No need to download an app with the Oxxy. To activate the bluetooth feature, power on the toy then click the button with the bluetooth icon. The control buttons will flash, letting you know that the Oxxy is ready. Look for the word “nalone” on your bluetooth enabled device, and connect. Once connected, two things happen: the Oxxy vibrates in sync with whatever sound the device makes, and a built-in speaker on the top of the Oxxy lets you hear whatever those sounds are.

You don’t have to only use music, either. Stream your favorite adult movie for an interactive experience. Ask your partner to call you and control the vibrations with their voice. (Note: the Oxxy doesn’t have a mic. You’ll be able to hear your partner, but they won’t hear you. Unless they’re in the same room, of course.) Or, take your gaming to a whole new level with the Oxxy.


Body-safe plastic and silicone

7.5 inches total length

1.5 wide X 3.5 deep inch insertable length

Three button control

3 solid vibration speeds and 4 pulse patterns

Transforms sound into vibration through bluetooth feature

Built in speaker allows you to hear the sound, too

Manual pump inflates air pocket in shaft



One year warranty

Available in store

 Want to see how the Oxxy works? Stop by our Dallas location and sync our display model to your phone. Open a music app and check out what happens!

The Spot is conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection.

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