Nalone Rockit - Three Wands in One!

The nalone Rockit is like three wands in one. Scroll through its pulse patterns like a regular wand. Turn on the touch sensitive mode for easy teasing. Add an attachment to create a totally different experience!

Nalone Rockit

The Nalone Rockit is one of our favorite wands here at The Spot. It’s rechargeable and waterproof. Silicone makes it body safe and easy to keep clean. And, its versatility makes it “the one” wand to own.

Pulse Patterns - Hold the power button to make the Rockit buzz into life. Press it again to scroll through three intensities and four pulse patterns. When you’re ready to turn it off, just hold that power button again.

Touch Sensitive Mode - Above the power button, there’s one with the letter T. Once the wand is turned on, hold that down for a couple of seconds. The Rockit will feel like it turned off, but it didn’t! It just waiting for you to touch the business (fun?) end of the toy. Once it’s in contact with skin, it’ll buzz back into life. Lift it away, and it will go quiet again. Even if you set it down, it will stay quiet. Only direct contact with a person will trigger the vibrations. Basically, Nalone has given you a toy that will never rattle off the bedside table onto the floor. And that’s way cool.

Attachments - Nalone makes a number of caps for the Rockit for use in pulse pattern mode. They each have a different shape that catch the vibrations and turn the Rockit into a new experience. They can be used to hug or pinch sensitive areas, or for shallow penetration. Now there’s no need to buy an entirely new toy to create new sensations. Just pop the silicone attachment onto the head, and you’re ready to go!

Ready to check out the Rockit’s touch sensitive technology? Swing by our Dallas location to see our display model. We’re conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush Tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection.

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