NS Novelties Colours: Choose Firm or Floppy

Colours is the dildo du jour here at The Spot. It’s hyper-realistic. It comes in a variety of sizes, densities, and colo(u)rs. It has a very powerful suction cup on the bottom. NS Novelties has even made Colours in two different materials: a firm silicone and a floppy TPR. Does all that sound a bit confusing? No worries. Here’s a quick-start guide to choosing your perfect Colours.

Choose a Material

Silicone - Silicone is a classic choice for high quality pleasure objects. It’s both non-toxic and non-porous. That means it’s a favorite among folks with sensitivities. You can also get silicone *really clean.* Some people boil, wash with a diluted bleach solution, or run silicone toys through a sterile setting in the dishwasher. It’s also very firm-yet-flexible. It will stand upright when suctioned onto a smooth surface, but will still bend to accommodate anatomy differences. And when you squeeze a silicone Colours, you only get a tiny bit of “squish.” If you prefer a dildo to provide an feeling of firmness and fullness, this is the material for you.

TPR - Thermoplastic Rubber is a fairly common material in our everyday lives. It shows up in both bicycle and tooth brush handles. It’s non-toxic, but not non-porous. That means it’s still ok for the body, but it’s more difficult to know that it’s completely free of bacteria when cleaned. So, it’s best for toys made from TPR to be filed under “does not share well with others.” The upside to TPR is that it feels more realistic than silicone. The Colours made from TPR have more “flop” and “squish.” If you’re looking for a softer, more accommodating dildo, this is the material for you.

Choose a Size

All of the Colours have an insertable length plus some a little more length because of the suction cup and testicles. (That’s right. Testicles.) Currently, we have the silicone in 5 inches, 5 inches thick (for added girth), 8 inches, and 8 inches thick. The TPR models are available in 6, 7, and 8 inches.

Choose a Density

Some of the TPR sizes bump up the realism with a dual density. A firmer core is surrounded by softer covering, mimicking the way the male anatomy feels. Currently, we have the dual density option in the 8 inch TPR.

Choose a Colo(u)r

NS Novelties chose some great colors for this toy! Our display of them abounds with beige, hot pink, vibrant blue, purple, and black. Not all colors are available in all sizes. But, you’re sure to find one that fits the bill!

Ok, so now that you know all about this popular toy, swing on by to take a look at our display models. We’re conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection.

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