Original Womanizer, Pro, and Pro40. What are the differences?

The Womanizer blew the pleasure object world away! The Pleasure Air Technology was unlike anything else out there. Now, The Spot carries three different models. So, what are the differences?

Womanizer listened to the flood of feedback they got about the original W100 model. Most of it went something like, “I LOVE this, but could you change one little thing about it?” Enter the upgraded Pro. Recently, The Pro40 offers Pleasure Air fun at a more affordable price.


The W100 is the original Womanizer. It features a small silicone cup that directs puffs of air and gentle suction to the clitoris for intense, unique, external sensation. The entire toy is 6 inches in length, and is shaped like an elongated oval. The side that rests against your palm is completely free of controls. A little texture helps it stay in your hand during use.

The flip side offers up the two control buttons and the silicone cup. A small power button turns on the air pulses. The cup also lights up, so that a partner can control it even in the dark! A large, faceted plastic crystal button scrolls through the five intensity levels. Bonus feature: Immediately return to the lowest setting by clicking the power button once. No need to scroll through the higher levels to get softer stimulation!

Quick stats:  Uses air to stimulate the clitoris. Comes with two different sizes of cups to fit any anatomy. Elongated oval shape. Scrolls through five intensity levels. Power button immediately returns to lowest setting without scrolling. Up to four hours of use on one charge.

Pro W500

The pleasure object world went crazy over the W100. Blogs and social media posts abound! Women loved it, but wished it had a more sophisticated look. Womanizer paid attention to that feedback, and quickly produced a more refined version.

The Pro is more compact. It’s an inch shorter, and nestles in your hand like a large-ish computer mouse. Womanizer moved the controls to the side that faces the palm, too. The index finger can easily access them during use, in an intuitive way similar to using the buttons on a mouse. The power button is now a genuine Swarovski crystal, and a toggle button lets you adjust the eight intensity levels up or down. A quick click of the power button still returns you to the lowest setting without scrolling. Concerned about the Womanizer fitting your anatomy? The Pro offers an interchangeable, extra-large cup. The cup also lights up, just like the W100.

Quick stats: More compact, sophisticated design. Genuine Swarovski detail. Quiet motor. Easy access controls. Toggles up and down eight intensity levels. Power button immediately returns to lowest setting. Up to four hours of use on one charge.

Pro W40

Want to experience the Pleasure Air technology without all the fanciness? The Pro W40 is the most basic of the Womanizer collection. It has a streamlined, elongated oval shape reminiscent of the W100. The controls have also returned to the side that faces the body. Three push buttons on a recessed control panel power it and adjust the eight levels. The cup lights up and can be changed out for the extra-large size, just like on the Pro W500.

The main differences are in power, battery life, and water safety. The W40’s highest setting is even more intense than the W500. But, the battery life is just an hour to ninety minutes, instead of  the four hours on the other models. Womanizer also made a change to the charging cord. All three have a USB cord that will plug into a phone charger. Only the W40 uses a special jack that, when covered by its protective silicone flap, is fully waterproof. The other two models will charge using any micro USB cord, making it easy to replace if lost, but neither should not be submerged. If use in the bath or shower is a must, the W40 is the one for you!

Quick stats: Basic, streamlined design. Toggle up and down eight intense settings. Power button immediately returns to lowest setting. Up to ninety minutes of use on one charge. Submersible.

Curious about the Womanizer? Stop by our Dallas location to check out the three display models. We’re conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection.

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