Pamper and Perfume Yourself with Dona by Jo

Dona by Jo offers the full body care experience, from bath crystals to massage oil, in three sophisticated scents. Whether you choose Blushing Berry, Sinful Spring, or Tropical Tease, all of the Dona lines are infused with intoxicating pheromones. Getting ready for a night in with your someone special? Create an aphrodisiac scent experience you'll both never forget.

Scent Your Body

Dona lotions easily absorb and are never greasy, leaving only softness and scent. Spritz on a little Grab Me In Gold or Please Me In Pink Shimmer Spray to create a subtle glow. Want to intensify the glow? Brush on a layer of Shimmer Dust. Prefer sparkle-free scent? Doma scents are available in a traditional perfume.

If you like to keep your skin clean and kissable, lingerie wash will create an aura of scent around you without the need to directly apply anything to your person. It’s safe for delicate fabrics, and contains the same alluring pheromones as the body product.

Scent Your Boudoir

Reed scent diffusers create a welcoming atmosphere. Or light a massage candle for scent now, then sensual relaxation later. Linen spray envelops you both in a delicate cloud of perfume when you draw back the bedding. Or, try spritzing it onto a handful of Dona’s fabric rose petals, then sprinkling them around the room for an indirect effect.

Top It Off with Body Topping

Create an interactive scent and taste experience with Dona's Body Toppings. If you've already tried body paint, step things up with this glistening, honey-like, kissable sweet product. The Honeysuckle, Brown Sugar, or Lollipop flavors all come with an applicator - and a blindfold!

Ready to create a night to remember? Stop by The Spot adult and romance store in Dallas to pick up Dona by Jo. We're conveniently located just south of Pres. George Bush tollway on Preston Road. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection.

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