Plus Size Lingerie Spotlight: Raspberry Lemonade Corset

This fashion corset by Coquette features a rich, saturated raspberry color with tiny yellow accents. So, I’ve unofficially named it the Raspberry Lemonade Corset! And even though it’s available in a wide range of sizes, there are a few details that make it especially appealing in the plus sizes.

Detachable, Adjustable, Extra Wide Shoulder & Garter Straps - The shoulder and garter straps are both detachable and adjustable in every size. That means you can wear this corset a total of four ways: no straps, just shoulders, just garters, or both sets. But, Coquette widened the straps from 0.5 inches to 0.75 inches for the plus sizes. This may not seem like a big difference, but it really does make a difference in comfort.

A Contoured, Padded Bust - The bust of this corset is a solid satin fabric. It has sweetheart neckline, and the cups are contoured like a bra to accommodate your anatomy. The entire bust is constructed to appear as one piece, and softly holds its shape due to a thin layer of foam padding sandwiched between the two layers of satin. This padding isn’t as rigid as foam padded bras, so it will adjust to the wearer. And though there are no underwires in this corset, there is a well-constructed seam under the bustline that acts as an extra bit of support.

Firm Yet Flexible Boning Supported By An Elastic Waistband - This fashion corset contains boning, the strips of rigid plastic that run up the length of the torso. Boning provides great support and shaping, but can be a pain if it’s low quality. This boning has fantastic flex. I can bend one end over to touch the other end, but it will snap back in place once I let go.It’s also sewn in very securely. Not only is it embedded in the lace fabric of the torso, two additional layers of fabric hold it in place. The outside of the garment highlights the boning with the same satin of the bust. On the inside, the boning is lined with a soft, slightly fuzzy fabric designed to be comfortable against the skin.

An extra bit of shaping is given in the form of an elastic waistband. It gently pulls in the waistline to create that classic corset shape. It’s one full inch wide, and is hidden behind the torso lace fabric. On the inside of the corset, it’s lined in the same soft fabric that covers the boning.

Semi-Sheer Lining - The body of the corset is made from a beautiful floral lace. A semi-sheer lining behind that offers a bit more coverage. It’s sheer enough to be sexy, but opaque enough to create a color continuation from the bust to the torso. This helps to create a sleek, “put together” look. Bonus: The sheer lining is soft to the touch in order to prevent any discomfort from having lace directly against the skin.

Currently, we have the Raspberry Lemonade corset available in sizes small, large, XL, and 3X/4X. Swing by our Dallas location to see it in person. We're conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection!

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