Prestige Pleasure Object Dupe: Jimmyjane Hello Touch or VeDO Ayu

Been contemplating a big pleasure object purchase, but not sure you'll fall in love with it once you get it home? Why not try a more affordable dupe? It may not give you the exact experience you would have with a high-end product, but you can at least test-drive specific sensations before picking up something that will fit all your needs. For example, if you've wondered about Jimmyjane's Hello Touch fingertip massager you could try out VeDO's Ayu first. Here's how they compare:

Hello Touch

Jimmyjane revolutionized the fingertip massager with Hello Touch. Two very slim vibration pads are held on the fingers with silicone sleeves. Most fingertip massagers have bulky bullets on the fingers, but Jimmyjane fixed that by moving the batteries to a compartment that fits in a fabric wrist band. Thin wires connect the finger pads to the battery compartment. These slim finger vibrators sit flush with you own finger pads, allowing you to use the Hello Touch in a very natural, intuitive manner. No need to change the way you touch your partner in order to accommodate the pads. The really nice thing about Hello Touch is that it's are safe for both external or internal pleasure. And with the two finger pads, you can even achieve both at once!


Two body-safe silicone sleeves over two steel vibration pads

Very slim finger pads = easy, intuitive use

More powerful than most fingertip massagers

Safe for both internal and external massage

One speed

Shower-safe and washable

Six hours of use with two included AAAA batteries

Three year warranty

Available in store and online.


VeDO Ayu

The VeDO Ayu is a traditional fingertip massager. A mini bullet vibe fits inside a velvety-smooth silicone sleeve. That sleeve has a little ring on it that slides over the finger tip and positioning the bullet flush with your finger pads. Like the Hello Touch, you get two vibrators with the Ayu. They're completely separate, and not attached to any wires or a battery pack. They're ok to use in both the shower and the bath. However, VeDO doesn't state that they're safe for internal massage. And the bulk of the little bullets on the fingers makes for a less intuitive experience. But, if you're looking for a body-safe finger vibe to test-drive, Ayu's a good choice.


Two mini bullets inside two 1.5 inch silicone sleeves

Gentle vibrations

Very smooth silicone

Recommended for external use

One speed

Fully waterproof

Each vibe requires two 3G-A CNB batteries (included)

Available in store. Mention this blog to save 15%.

Ready to try a fingertip massager? Swing by The Spot to check out our display models and make your choice! We’re conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade stoplight.

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