Rechargeable Rumble: Jimmyjane Iconic Wand

Looking for a stylish, powerful, rechargeable wand massager? Jimmyjane's Iconic Wand combines a sleek, clean design with deep rumbles. Varying patterns and waterproof casing make it a fantastic addition (or starting point) to your wand collection.


Jimmyjane is known for their innovative design choices, and the Iconic Wand is no exception. The silicone head of this massager is 2.75 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter. The domed top helps concentrate the vibrations into the center of area that makes contact with the body. The head has a flat base that swiftly slims down into a thin neck that is firm but flexible. It'll hold it's shape, but will also bend all the way to a 90 degree angle.

The neck briefly widens back to 2 inches for the top of the handle. And this is where Jimmyjane's innovative design really shines. The handle is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit the hand. The bottom side of the handle is made form body-safe plastic, and has a pronounced concave curve. When you pick up the Iconic Wand, your index finger will automatically wrap around the widest point and your other three fingers are given a slimmer area to grip. This lets you firmly hold it against the palm. There's no need to hunt for the controls, either. Jimmyjane put them exactly where the thumb wraps around to the front of the wand. The two buttons are embossed into the silicone that covers the top half of the handle, and placed on a slightly raised area. They're super easy to find by feel, and super easy to understand and operate.

Oh, and did I mention the color? The entire Iconic Wand is a crisp, minimalist white.

Vibration Modes

Jimmyjane gave the Iconic Wand three solid intensities and three very different pulse patterns. To turn the wand on, press the power button. A little blue light will let you know that wand is charged. Press the pulse pattern button and the wand will rumble into life on the lowest setting. Keep pressing the same button to move through two more solid setting in increasing intensity. This wand isn't silent, but the noise isn't loud enough to be distracting. It actually has a pleasant, deep, base sound to the buzz.

Once you've scrolled though the solid settings, you'll reach the pulse patterns. The first is a four-second escalation from a gentle rumble to a mid-range buzz. The second is steady, short bursts of intense vibration. The tempo is about like a techno or dance song, I guess? The third pulse pattern takes that tempo and adds an extended pulse on every fourth beat. (Think: buzz-buzz-buzz-buuuzzzzz.)

Quality Construction

The Iconic Wand comes with a one year warranty, and Jimmyjane constructed it to last. The head and top half of the handle is covered in a velvet-matte silicone. It has a bit of give with a firm core. The underside of the handle is made from smooth, body-safe plastic.

The very bottom tip of the handle has a small, stainless steel jack for the charging cord. Even with this jack, the Iconic Wand is completely submersible and will work just fine in the bath or shower. You can also wash it in the sink with soap and water, then let it air dry. When you're ready to charge, just plug the cord into the jack. The other end is USB compatible. It will work with USB phone chargers, laptops, etc. 


Suitable for external and body massage

Silicone and body-safe plastic

10.5 x 2 inches

Flexible neck

Ergonomic handle and controls

Sleek design

3 solid intensities and three pulse patterns


USB compatible charging cord

One year warranty

Available in store

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