Remote Control Vibrators | 5 Toys for Socially Distanced Sex

The 5 Best Remote Control Sex Toys for Socially Distanced Kinky Fun

Remote control vibrators make it into quite a few movies. Have you noticed that? There is a lot of mystery about them and a lot of interest in them from couples of all varieties. We all dream about them and how fun they might be, but do they really work? Can they make our sex lives naughtier and kinkier even during a pandemic? Can they give us a connection no matter how far apart we are? 

Covid-19 does not have to ruin your sex life. Socially distancing does not make for a hot dating experience, but there are options!  If you are having a long-distance relationship, owning a vibe that can work remotely can add some heat to those long, sexy phone calls or facetime chats!

“Do you have a sex toy that will vibrate via an app?” is a common question at our sex toy boutique in North Dallas and a common question we get via social media and email, too. 

We have fallen in love with a couple of vibrators that work with an app or without - so you have options. The app based toys are the  We-Vibe Chorus and the Svakom Ella App vibrator. The others are exceptional, but do not work over the internet. (We still love them!)

We-Vibe We-Connect Video >> Check out the We-Vibe Video Here

The two app-driven toys are super sexy fun for couples who cannot be together for a variety of reasons. Some couples who live with relatives and are at higher risk for the Coronavirus have to be super careful. And, well, some couples just have long-distance relationships not Covid19 related and want to have some fun, too. 

Personally, I always enjoy a vibrator with a handheld controller. That can mean an egg style toy with a cord and a dial on it or a vibrator with remote control. When you are in the heat of the moment or everything is covered in lube, it can be very difficult to turn the vibration levels up or down. (I am personally thrilled the We-Vibe toys all have a remote control. That was an improvement they made a good 6 or 7 years ago!)

Social Distancing Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Love Life 

We-Vibe Chorus  

The original concept for this remote control sex toy is to be used together with a partner. It is considered a couples toy, after all. So that brings me to our next bit of fun. Level up to one of the best couples vibes on the market! (And, it is also fantastic for masturbation.)

It works great for couple’s sex. The g-spot portion of the vibe is nice and thin so there is plenty of space for a toy or a penis to work its way in there, too. You wear the vibe sort of like clamped over your vulva so that it hits your clit and you g-spot at one time. It worked really well for missionary fun and we definitely plan on keeping it in our rotation! 

You can also use it for cowgirl on top, too. Any position where your bodies stay in contact from 80 to 90% of the time, it works great. We did find it a little tricky when trying to use it for doggy style sex, but, that is our only complaint. I do love the handheld remote control.  Either of us can have the remote in our hands to control the type and speed of the vibration. 

I would give this remote control vibrator 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

It is super easy to clean, easy to charge. It is rechargeable, which is better for the environment. Plus, you can charge it anywhere and never have to rely on batteries. The vibe is great for couples time and for alone time, which makes it a great value. It could also be discreet and fun to use out on a sexy date or for a long road trip. 

This remote control vibrator is App enabled. 

Svakom Ella App  

The Ella comes adorably packaged and comes with a small storage bag, USB charger, and info about with very basic knowledge about the toy and how to sync it to the app. The app is optional. This silicone, body-safe toy has an option to control it straight from the little silicone tail! Just press down the power button and you can filter through the different patterns and vibrations (but there is FAR more control that can be done from the app, rather than just the toy itself). I wil say that the app works really well for masturbation because it is easier to control the various settings. 

The slightly ribbed, silicone bulb is easy to insert and is both filling and grips on nicely. It’s not too big that it becomes uncomfortable when you wear it out or during lovemaking. The long tail is flexible and can be folded into undies or tucked away easily. Not sure exactly how much range this app and toy have, but it works perfectly for a date night/dinner or road trip. Overall, this toy has really good power and is nice and quiet. (Quiet is important if you are wearing it grocery shopping or out to a restaurant on date night!)

Personally, I would give this app-based remote control vibrator 4 stars out of 5. 

This remote control vibrator is App enabled. 

Maia-Monroe Thrusting Vibe

Monroe Maia Silicone Thrusting Love Machine will blow your mind as it does thrust very nicely and works for vaginal and anal penetration. For solo play, you can take advantage of the suction cup base and wireless remote for what could be described as a sex machine!  Monroe is perfect for solo but can be used with a partner. (Think of the  hot visual of your partner watching you get f****d from this gorgeous purple toy.) 

The Monroe has three steady thrusting speeds that go hand-in-hand with its vibration capabilities. Monroe’s shaft is very sleek with no raised texture, so it feels like an actual penis.   The combination of vibration and thrusting makes texture unnecessary. A smooth surface also makes the toy easier to sanitize before storing it.

Many of the D/s (Dominant/Submissive) websites suggest this toy as a good toy for training purposes. You can attach Monroe's suction cup to your preferred surface, screw Monroe’s base down onto the screw coming out of the top of the suction cup attachment. Once that’s in place, you press down the flap to create a seal with the smooth, flat surface you’re mounting it on. And voila! You have a sex-machine. 

The remote control is so perfect!  Makes it easy to keep control in hand while losing yourself in an orgasm. Nothing more annoying than having to turn your toy up or down while your hands and other religions are covered in lube.  Monroe is also waterproof for all of you water babies and female ejaculators. 

I would give this thrusting remote control vibe 5 stars!

Lelo Hugo Cock Ring

Hugo is a remote-controlled prostate massager that represents an entirely new way to think of men’s prostate pleasure, whether it is part of coupled or solo play. With two powerful motors in the base and tip, Hugo has a sleek and smooth form that is perfectly formed for bigger, better, and even hands-free orgasms.

Medium-sized for all levels of adventure. Perfect for your first time or being worn during intercourse. When we say medium, we mean like the size of a woman’s thumb - may be slightly thicker than that. When you use a good lube with this Lelo prostate massager, it will slide in anally very easily. (Have your male partner push down/bear down a little bit on the tip of the toy as he inserts it.) 

The remote control is what controls the vibration on this vibe and you or your lover can take turns exchanging who gets to hold the remote control. 

We like this cock ring remote control vibrator. We give this a 4 out of 5 stars. 

Vedo-Peach For Beginners

The Peach brand rechargeable egg delivers rumbly, quiet, and deeply gratifying pulsations. This lovely and sleek remote controlled egg allows you to change any of the 10 vibration modes with a touch of a button. The various speeds can also help you to tone and build your pelvic muscles. (You follow the various speeds with your Kegels.)

In case you do not know what “rumbly” means when discussing a vibrator, I often describe the feeling as deeper and it makes my orgasm feel like it is starting inside my body and radiating out. Non-rumbly toys are more “buzzy” and it makes my orgasm feel like it’s starting on the outside of my body and radiating from outside of my body and into my clitoris/vulva.

This bullet/egg style vibe is also splash-proof that is rad for the shower. It is also a rechargeable vibrator.  USB cable included, but no batteries needed! It is a velvety-soft bullet with an elastic retraction strap. And, it can double as a way to strengthen the inner muscles with 10 whisper-quiet vibration modes. Conveniently adjustable via remote control. Perfect vibe for people with kids or roommates because it is very quiet! (Kegel exercises or orgasms or both!)

This vibe is also small enough to use for the penis in the vagina or strap-on in vagina sex. Depending on the position you are in, the vibe can be held on your clitoris during penetration. If you want to use it during doggy-style sex, you can also slip on a thong and let your undies hold the bullet on your clitoris during intercourse. 

This toy has 10 speeds and if you are chilling in your bed having a nice chill time, you can slowly step yourself up through all of the speeds with the very convenient remote control that might be resting very sweetly in your hot little hand! 

Such a great price, too. I would give this 4.5 stars.

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