Ride the Waves of Pleasure with DORR Silker: Unboxing a New Addition to The Spot

The Silker is a powerful new addition to our collection of pleasure objects here at The Spot. It's strong motor and gently curving shape allows you to place its vibrations exactly where you want them. And DORR's smooth silicone surface, magnetic charger, and waterproof design make its entire range welcome among our high quality lines such as Lelo or Jimmy Jane.

The Silker is one of four DORR pleasure object we've added to our collection. DORR is a luxury line based out of Los Angeles. Their products are covered in a beautifully smooth, phthalate-free silicone in a variety of rich colors. A metal accent panel adds a bit of sophisticated shimmer to them. A separate magnetic USB cord plugs into any USB charger. Just in case you don't have one, DORR includes a small USB wall charger with the Silker.

The packaging for the Silker is very sophisticated and modern. A black cover displays a full-size image of the Silker with DORR printed in white above it. Six icons at the bottom of the image gives you a quick idea of its features: water proof, turbo speed, 6 patterns, whisper quiet, z charger, and rechargeable. Below that is the name of the pleasure object and a quick description: toe curling stimulation. The back of the box is also black with white text that further describes the six features. The sides of the box match the color of the Silker contained within. Lift one side to break the magnetic closure and the front of the box opens like a book.

The inside of the box is also completely black. A user manual, a DORR brochure, and a satin drawstring bag lie on top. Below them, the Silker is nestled in a cutout of dense, black foam. A little cardboard box above it contains the charging cord and wall mount.

The Silker is seven inches long. The entire length is shaped into a gentle wave. The tip is slightly tapered in line with the curve of the wave, then quickly widens to a one and one half inch diameter. The Silker becomes slimmer as it moves towards the middle of the shaft, and is meant to have an insertable section about 2/3 of the entire length.

The metal panel sits on the opposite side of the three control buttons. The control buttons are simply images impressed into silicone body. The middle button looks like a wave between to parentheses. It changes the vibration pattern. It's flanked by a plus and minus sign, both of which look like they're inside little horseshoes. They will adjust the intensity for every pattern, and turn it on and off. The Silker ends in a flat surface. The round metal disk on this end is the jack for the magnetic charging cord. The DORR takes about three hours to fully charge the first time. A blinking light under the control buttons will change to solid when it's ready. You should get about 2 hours of continuous use with one charge.

DORR's silicone is extremely silky! It even gives Lelo a run for its money. DORR also does a good job at "erasing" their seams. There's nothing on the silicone surface to scratch or irritate. The core of the Silker is very firm with no give. It's perfect for those who want intense pressure and a definite feeling of fullness. The blunted taper tip works great for an external wand substitute. And, the curve gives you precision when used as an insertable.

And what about the vibrations? Wow! The Silker's motor cranks out a deep rumble that doesn't get too buzzy or make the skin feel itchy. The vibration patterns include a solid, three different pulse speeds, and three different wave speeds. And when I hold it firmly in my hand, I can feel the vibrations travelling all the way up to my shoulder! DORR has placed the Silker's motor in the widest area near the tip, making sure you get to take full advantage of all of the power whether you're using it externally or internally.

Want to get a look at the Silker for yourself? Stop by The Spot to check out our entire DORR collection! We're conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection.

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