Sex Toy Dupes: Lelo Liv 2 or VeDO Ono

The Lelo Liv 2 is a lovely first toy. It's simple lines and moderate size make it intuitive and unintimidating to use. But, what if you’re not sure you want to invest in a luxury toy? Also take a look at the similarly shaped, but more affordable, VeDO Ono.

Lelo vs Vedo
An elegant, minimalist esthetic paired with well designed features made Lelo one of the world’s most recognized names in luxury pleasure objects. This Swedish company offers a range of rechargeable silicone toys, from wand massagers to remote controlled gentlemen’s rings. They’re well known for the Mona, a tapered G-spot vibe. But, what really sets them apart from the pack is their ten year quality guarantee. If your Lelo stops working within ten years, they’ll offer you half off the price off your next purchase!

VeDO focuses on creating battery operated toys. Like Lelo, VeDO uses body-safe silicone and offers a well rounded collection of toy choices. So, other than the rechargeable or battery thing, what’s the difference between the Lelo Liv and the VeDO Ono?

Size and Shape
Both the Liv 2 and the Ono have a smooth, relatively short shaft with a full-length curve to it. They’re both designed to be easily inserted during either solo or partner play. The slight curve allows for gentle G-spot exploration without feeling over-fullness. A reflective band of plastic separates the silicone shaft from white plastic handle on both toys. There are some design differences, though, that set the Liv 2 and the Ono apart.

Roughly two thirds of the the Liv 2’s shaft is made of a gently tapered, one-sided bulb. A rounded tip quickly flares out only on the side facing the G-spot. The side that faces the back of the vaginal canal during use stays completely smooth. This little bulge helps concentrate vibrations in the general area of the G-spot. The bulb then thins down again at the base of the shaft, which makes it comfortable for a full insertion. The plastic handle flares out a bit, too, creating a natural stopping point. (Note: This flare isn’t pronounced enough for anal use. The Liv 2 is designed for vaginal use only.)

The Ono’s shaft is a less defined version of this design. The tip does have a little bump on the G-spot side. It kind of looks like someone pinched the tip to create a raised area. The overall curve of the shaft is the same as the Liv 2, but it does not narrow at the base. Instead, the Ono grows in girth as it approaches the handle. If you think you’ll like a toy with a larger base, this is great! However, there’s no change in girth between the shaft and the handle. The handle does not flare out very much at all. That means there’s nothing to really stop the Ono from inserting past the silicone shaft.

The insertable length is the same for both, but the Ono is an inch shorter in total length. That means that the Liv 2 has a longer handle, which makes it easier to grip. I can easily wrap three fingers around the Liv 2’s handle while accessing the controls with my thumb. With the Ono, that number drops down to two slightly-squished-together two fingers. But, like the Liv 2, my thumb can comfortably rest on the controls, making it easy to operate when in use.

Power and Control
The Liv 2 is the upgraded version of the original Liv. Lelo doubled the power of the Liv 2 when they redesigned it. So, you’re going to get some high quality vibes from it. And you’ll be able to put those vibes right where you want them. The Liv 2’s motor is in the tip of the shaft, allowing you to experiment with it as either a G-spot vibrator or a mini external wand. They also kept the four button control. It’s a circular control pad with buttons at each cardinal point. The up and down buttons change the vibration pattern, while the left and right buttons adjust the intensity of each pattern. This gives you a high level of control over your experience.

The Ono has a pretty nice motor in it for a battery operated toy. It’s also located in the tip of the shaft, so you’ll also be able to use it to directly stimulate the G-spot or the clitoris. The controls are a single, super-easy-to-find-with-you-eyes-closed, silicone button. Click it to turn the Ono on, then keep clicking to scroll through the six vibration settings. Three of these settings a increasing intensity levels in a solid vibration, then you get a few patterns to play with. For a first toy, this type of single button control might actually be easier to understand and operate during use.

Final Thoughts
Like usual, Lelo turned out a lovely toy when they produced the Liv 2. If you want to start your toy journey with high quality, the Liv 2 is a good choice. The subtle design differences, the power of the rechargeable motor, and the level of control over the vibrations give you the luxury experience.

The Ono has some good things going for it as a first toy. The silicone feels like a luxury toy, the motor is in a good place for direct stimulation, the controls are easy to understand and use, and it’s safe to use in the bath or shower. There’s also about a $100 difference in price between the Liv 2 and the Ono. So, even though the Liv 2 is better designed and more powerful, the Ono is a nice choice for an affordable alternative.

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