The Best Sexual Lubricants for Women in 2020

I may not be the best person to write reviews for lubricants because I am a lube snob! I am 52. I do not get down with inferior lubes. If it comes from a drugstore it is probably not very good.  Life is way too short for lubricant that gets sticky and tacky. I am not 23 anymore. I want the good stuff. ALWAYS.  

I have a personal preference for silicone lube and for the hybrid lube which is a combination of silicone and water. There is one water only lube I like, but they tend perform as well as I need them to.  I enjoy long lasting lubes and often, water based lubes just end up getting absorbed by my body and by the partner’s body.  

Silicone lubricants can be messy. Superior performance has some downsides. Buying the Liberator sex blanket from The Spot is an excellent solution to make cleanup a breeze. 

I also LOVE lubricants that are not flavored. I know they can be fun for nipple play and for oral sex, but I am just not that big of a fan, but I am going to share my review one one of the JO flavored lubes. See, I told you I am a lubricant snob. I have been in the sex education world since 2003 and have had the opportunity to test a lot of different lubes. I have been to many sex toy trade shows and tested hundreds and hundreds at the various shows - so I like what I like. I have a minimum of 17 years of experience testing lubes professionally and a bunch more years “testing” them in my own sex life. 

Ok, here we go. These are in order of my VERY BEST favorite lube EVAH!

Silicone Based Lubricants Great For Women

  1. Pjur silicone bodyglide. I like the old school, regular old big black 100 ml bottle even though Pjur has lots of other styles, too.  They make one for Women. They make one for Men. They make on specifically for Anal, too. 

However, I find that the silicone body glide works great for hand jobs, blow jobs, penis in the vagina sex, strap on sex (condom on the dildo), and anal sex. Oh, and it is also wonderful for sex in the tub or the shower, too. DO NOT USE IT in your home hot tub, however. It can be slippery and very very long lasting. 

This lube also works great for a full body massage and is also a great skin moisturizer. I even know women who have used it before having their make-up done professionally. I have personally not tried it under my make-up, but I do like it on my feet in the winter and I have used it in my hair to tame my flyaway hairs or static electricity in my hair. (Think of bio-silk. Use it very sparingly in  your hair. And, it looks fantastic on body art, too.)

This particular version has no fragrance, no flavor, no preservatives and no parabens. It is very vagina friendly and makes everything feel like buttah! 

My boyfriend likes to use the lube on his balls and thighs after he showers before work. He swears it helps to cut down on “monkey butt” and helps his balls not to chafe under his work pants. It also can work really well for shaving your legs, but you do need to be very careful when you use this around your tub, shower or hot tub. 

  1. For me, the JO Premium Silicone Lubricant is a close 2nd for my own sex life. It is also a very high quality silicone and is super long lasting. Feels silky and sexy, for sure. It is a lovely skin conditioner and will keep everything it touches feeling very silky and soft. 

The silicone lube from JO does not stain your sheets, which is a huge plus. I have this habit of putting silicone lube on my feet after my shower and before I go to bed. I have been doing this for years to keep my feet nice and soft and most of my sheets do have a bit of staining down by my where my feet sleep.  :)  That is from years of using the Pjur, but this one washes out much more easily. We also have these fantastic sheets/sex blankets to keep your sheets clean. 

Hybrid Lubricants For Women

  1. Coconut oil was having a moment there for a couple of years and this lube is one of my favorite things that  came from that “coconut oil heals everything” moment. This JO Hybrid Sex Lubricant with Coconut Oil is delish. This is a hybrid in that it is water and coconut oil together. No silicone in this hybrid. It is a lot lighter than coconut oil (which I find way too heavy and heavy oils decrease sensation) and it has a wee bit of warming sensation to it. It also have a lovely scent that smells a bit more like vanilla than coconut to me, but those are two of my favorite scents - so it’s all good for me. 

Water is the main ingredient, which makes it nice and light. The fragrance and flavor is also very light, so it can me fun for oral sex on him, her or them!

  1. Pjur also makes a very nice silicone lubricant specifically for women. This lube is a lot like my very best favorite Pjur silicone lube, but a little less thick. It is also non-comedogenic, which is a fancy way of saying it will not clog your pores. Now, I have never had my pores clogged my lube, but maybe I have just been lucky. 

This lube works really well for massage and digital sex. (Polite way to say “finger banging.”) If your lovers hands are slightly dry, a good coating of this lubricant on their hands feels much better and is super vagina friendly. Pjur also does a great job to always make sure that their lubricants are mucous membrane safe and they make sure all of their lubes pass all of the U.S. FDA guidelines. Gotta love a company that cares about our genitals and our culo health!

Water Based Lubricants for the Femme in Your Life

  1. Wet Elite Femme Water Silicone Lube is very very interesting to me. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like this hybrid lube. I do not usually like the feeling of water based lube for more than about 2 or 3 minutes, but thanks to the combo silicone / water lube, this one felt great. It feels more like a silicone lube and not sticky like most water based lubricants.  I also appreciate the term “femme” which seems much more neutral to me. I mean, pretty much all lubes can be used by all humans. How one identifies sexually is somewhat meaningless. In my mind, “femme” can have a million meanings and of being really specific for one type of genitals or another. Know what I mean?

  1. Vanilla Cream Lubricant from JO is my go-to if I want a lightly flavored lubricant for an extra special blow job or nipple fun. It washes off easily - not super sticky and tacky like a lot of lubes. It is free of wax, oil and silicone, too. This lube also has all of the proper FDA approvals and is vagina safe. No sugar, so no screwing up your pH balance or the good flora. Nothing pisses me off more than having my vulva/vagina out of order for a few days thanks to an inferior lubricant. 

It does feel pretty smooth and silky. Not quite like a silicone lube, but pretty damn good considering it is a water based flavored lube. And, best of all, it does not have that after-taste that many flavored lubricants have. Light flavor and light scent (I am referring to the vanilla cream in this specific review.) I keep this one in my dirty drawer next to my bed for those special occasions, right underneath my Pjur silicone bodyglide! 

We would love for you to stop by our boutique in North Dallas and check out all of our other lubricants that we carry in our store. (We are near Plano.)  Or check out all of our lubes on our website here. We do ship all over the U.S. Shipping is always free when you spend $50 or more.

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