The Gentleman’s Stroker Triple Play: Tenga 3D, Uberlube, and Tor 2

Have you ever noticed how many of the pleasure objects created for men seem a bit … crude? Indiscreet packaging containing slightly embarrassing products, often created with inferior materials? If you’ve ever wondered where the body-safe, sophisticated men’s toys are, then wonder no more. Here at The Spot, we carry a trio of high quality products perfect for the guy searching for an enjoyable stroker experience.

Tenga 3D

The Tenga 3D skips the bulky hard shell that usually encloses a men's stroker. Instead, the 3D offers a super stretchy, textured sleeve made with body-safe elastomer. And with the five different patterns we carry at The Spot, you're bound find one that works for you. Concerned about the "look" of your toy? Don't worry. The 3D is a simple white cylinder, and the textures are artistic abstract cubes, triangles, or lines. (It reminds me of a carved candle.) Bonus: The packaging doubles as a drying stand and storage. Just slip the washed sleeve over the upright peg to let it dry. Once it's finished, the clear cover keeps it clean.


Hands down, this is our favorite personal lubricant here at The Spot. It's four ingredients are specifically designed to reduce friction and transfer sensation (perfect for use with the textured Tenga 3D.) It has a great slippery feeling without being sticky or oily. Uberlube cleans up easily, won't stain fabric, and comes in a discreet glass bottle. Bonus: Uberlube is used on the skin by runners and bike riders to reduce chafing, and can even be used to style your hair. Talk about a multi-tasker.

Lelo Tor 2

Traditionally thought of as a couple's toy, vibrating gentlemen's rings add another layer of sensation to solo pleasure. But, not all rings are made equal. Fortunately, Lelo has applied their world famous quality to their designs. The Tor 2 is a simple ring that delivers strong sensations. The slim design won't interfere with the Tenga, and the discreet motor can fit in the space under the shaft to channel the vibrations lower. It's even water-proof, so it's safe for the shower or the pool. If you're looking for luxury and power, this is the ring  for you. 

Ready to try a men's product trio designed for pleasure, not shock value? Stop by The Spot. We're conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection. Click here for google map and directions.

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