The Nalone Touch Collection

Did you ever have a metal lamp you could turn on by just touching it? Well, Nalone took that technology and made a collection of toys with it. Touch anywhere on the metallic rings that surround the control buttons, and they will buzz into life. Keep your finger there for continual vibrations, or tap out a custom pulse pattern. You’re in complete control!

Touch Mode

Nalone offers three toys with the touch mode, but all three have the same control panel. It’s oval in shape, and consists of three buttons and the ring. The center button has a power symbol on it. Hold it down for a couple of seconds and the entire control panel lights up. Now you’re ready to click one of the other buttons. One is a plus sign, and it will scroll you through all of the 7 programmed vibration settings. As the toy vibrates, the light under the controls pulses in pattern. 

The other button has the letter T inside a circle. Hold that one down for a couple seconds and the controls will flash once, letting you know you’re now in touch mode. Simply touch anywhere on the metallic ring, and the toy will vibrate. Take your finger off, and it stops. It’s that simple. No need to scroll through a bunch of patterns - just design your own! Using it with a partner? Use the touch mode for a fun teasing!

The Touch

The first in the collection is a G-spot vibrator called Touch. Other than the ABS metallic ring, the Touch is covered in a velvety smooth, bright pink silicone. The entire 8 inches is shaped into a gentle S curve, with an insertable length of about 5 inches. The tip is a curved bulb designed to easily find the G-spot. Its 4.5 inch circumference quickly slims down to a smooth shaft that’s just a hair bigger than 3 inches in circumference. The handle flares out from the shaft. It comfortably cradles in my hand while giving me access to the controls with my thumb.

The Touch 2

Prefer a toy that gives you external vibes, too? Nalone designed a rabbit style toy with touch mode. The Touch 2 has the full-length S curve of the Touch, but with a few subtle differences. The Touch 2 is 8.5 inches in total length with an insertable length of about 4.25 inches. The insertable end has an interesting shape. The tip kind of looks like it’s been pinched to give it a rounded point. After this point, the Touch 2 increases in girth to just shy of 4.5 inches in circumference. It then slims down to the shaft. As the shaft approaches the external rabbit arm, the Touch 2 offers up some gentle texture: two wide, flat ridges (they look like waves on the beach to me.) The rabbit arm is 2 inches in length, has a flexible neck that will bend to fit your anatomy, and contains its own designated motor! It will vibrate in sync with the motor in the tip of the shaft.

The Curve

The third in the touch mode series is a lay-on external vibrator. The Curve is designed to offer you the choice of either concentrating sensation in one spot or to spread it out over a larger area. The entire 4.75 inch length is a gentle C curve. This helps the toy sit in the hand very much like a computer mouse. A 2 inch tip extends out past the control panel. This contains the motor, allowing you to direct the vibrations exactly where you want them. The underside of the Curve has a ridge that extends down the midline. The sides fall back and flare out from the ridge. This shape makes it a nice fit for completely covering the vulva and extending vibrations out to the labia. This shape is also good for cupping behind testicles or stroking the shaft of the penis.

Final Thoughts

The touch series is a unique variation on three popular toy shapes. They are all well designed for their respective purposes: G-spot, dual stimulation, and external pleasure. They’re rechargeable and waterproof, and the silicone feels smooth and luxurious. Nalone’s vibrations tend to be buzzier, rather than rumbly. This could be a plus if you’re looking for a toy that vibrates more gently than some other rechargeable brands. If you’re looking for a toy that gives you immediate control over sensation, then the Touch, Touch 2, and Curve would be a good way to go.

Want to see how the touch mode works in person? Stop by our Dallas location to check out the display models. We're conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade intersection!

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