Our Picks for the Top 7 Amazing Sex Toys for Women

When I am at a party, bbq or at a function of some kind, the number one question I get asked constantly is “Which sex toy is the best sex toy for women?” This is not as easy to answer as you might think, but I will give you some details about why I love certain vibrators, and then you will have to decide which might be best for you and our lifestyle.

All bodies are different and unique. We all have very different sex organs and we all have different ideas in our brain (the biggest sex organ) about what feels good and what might get us off and help our climax. So, here is my guidance. I know that some of these are pretty expensive, so I will share how I feel about them and you can decide if they might be right for you and your situation. (wink wink)

Magic Wand

This is an oldy but a goody. It has been around for over 30 years, so ya know, that is a lot of research that has been done already. It is NOT the prettiest vibe. In fact, it looks more like a “back massager” and it does feel pretty amazing on your neck and back. But, it also works fabulously on your clitoris.  

This is a fantastic vibrator for people who have short arms, large lower tummies, and great for people who have back issues. (Occasionally, when people have back pain, it can sometimes be difficult to reach their clitoris, penis and testicles.) 

This vibe can be used by all of humanity! It does not care. And, there is agreement that it feels great all over bodies and genitalia. It can be very intense. For people who have smaller clits, it can also help to make a clitoral orgasm a bit easier. If you have a more sensitive clitoris, you can put a pillow case between you and the head of the vibe.


The body, tip, and chain is made of high polished 316 stainless steel, with three finishes to choose from: Silver, Rose Gold, and 24kt Gold. You can wear your vibe and no one even knows. (Unless they own one, too!)  

Crave Vesper

     40 minutes of fun when it is fully charged. It is super discreet and very slender, so it can be sort of held by your labia or your undies to provide stimulation through an episode of NetFlix’s “Nymphomaniac.”  Could be fun for a road trip, too. Great for women who have sensitivities to the materials that some vibrators are made from. Makes a wonderful gift for your bestie, too. 

    Lelo Sona-Cruise 2

    When Lelo says “sonic” you should immediately think about the kind of vibration you get from a Sonicare toothbrush, but for your clitoris. All Lelo toys come with a one year warranty, which is always lovely. I know I appreciate good workmanship and quality when I plunk down $130 for a vibrator.

    Is it worth it?


      Lelo Sona 2

      It is worth every penny.  The climax comes from deep inside your body from the sonic pulses. This vibe is also a lot like those other suction toys, like the Satisfyer.  It has suction and vibration together. This vibe can be very intense and can be a very quick climax sometimes. Once you learn to use the vibrator, you can learn to slow yourself down a bit and edge it out. 

      The Kissing Rabbit

      This is our very best selling sex toy at The Spot, Dallas. The gentle suction from the clitoral stimulator really does feel like a lover's kiss - hence the name the Kissing Rabbit. 

      kissing rabbit vibrator

      This twice as nice rabbit is designed to deliver a powerful clitoral stimulation that mimics a lover's kiss and it delivers on that promise. I always love a toy that offers two types of stimulation and this rabbit packs a punch! 

      Unique multi-function suction ears for powerful clitoral stimulation via suction. A powerful independent vibrating motor in the shaft. 6 stimulating massage patterns in the head and shaft. 6 functions independent clitoral stimulator offers external stimulation. Made with high quality, body-safe, seamless silicone material. 

      Two powerful independent vibrating motors in the shaft and clit stimulating rabbit ears. One-touch control. Whisper quiet. Ergonomic shape. USB rechargeable.

        Fun Factory Amorino

        Let us break it down for you: the Amorino is a dual vibrator, shaped so that you can set the shorter extension against your clit and rock the curved shaft against your G-spot. As if that weren’t enough, its silicone band wraps around your labia, bringing vibration to the often-neglected clitoral legs. (Well, some of this depends on how your vulva is built.)

        Fun Factory Amorino

        One fun thing you can do with it is to give it a twist or two and put it back on the vibrator so that you get focused vibration in the middle of the band. It’s great for hyper-focusing on the clit or for nipple play. Try twisting it in different ways for different sensations! If you feel like deeper penetration, take the band off first.

        This vibe can be used for vaginal and anal stimulation. The Amorino’s extension doesn’t just make it anal safe; it also means that you can enjoy vibration against the nerve-rich perineum. Plus, its smooth, curved shaft makes it ideal for prostate play.

        Some men/couples take the band off and use it as a penis ring. This toy has the ability to hold an 8-hour charge which means it does not need to be recharged constantly.  This vibe also works much much better with a great water-based lube. The texture does absorb some of the lube, so be extra generous with the lube. I am more of a silicon lube fan, but with this toy, water-based is best.

        This vibe is a bit of a shorty. From top to bottom it is almost 7". The shortness of this vibe is what makes it such a great g-spot and anal vibe. Lots of vibration to the exact right place for a prostatic anal orgasm and a g-spot climax. 


          Maia Monroe Thrusting Toy

          Rechargeable Silicone Thrusting Portable Love Machine Purple features a rechargeable battery. And, yes, it thrusts. It is like a mini sex machine! 

            Does it really thrust? Yes, it does. You definitely notice the thrusting sensation more when your partner uses it with you. When you use it alone, the thrusting sensation is not as intense, but the vibration still feels great. Well, the thrusting feels great, but you do notice the thrusting more when someone else is using it with you. 

            Maia Monroe Thrusting Toy

            It does have a remote control, but you do need to hang on to it to really feel the moving of the toy in and out. Some friends of mine have mentioned to me that they have also tried using it with the remote control and then pushed a bunch of pillows between their legs to get more of the thrusting sensation. Also, some people will also use a bullet on their clitoris while they use the Monroe thrusting vibe. 

            We-Vibe Tango

            If you like “rumbly” from a vibrator, you will love the Tango. Plus, it is super quiet for such a powerful sex toy. It is pocket sized, waterproof, 4 Speeds, 4 Patterns, Rumbly Vibrations, Quiet, Travel Friendly, Rechargeable via USB.

              This toy is so easy to keep clean and charged. It’s also great to travel with because it is so discrete. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this bullet style vibe. Speed “d” and “e” are heavenly. This is a great toy to use alone and a fun toy to use during lovemaking. One of you keeps this in place between the two of you and you will be writing me thank you notes!

              We-Vibe Tango

              The eight vibration settings are:

              1. Low
              2. Medium Low
              3. Medium High
              4. High
              5. 9 Pulses, followed by Several Quick Pulses
              6. Roller coaster from Low to High
              7. Quick Pulses
              8. 2 Long Pulses, 3 Quick Pulses

              This vibe comes with great packaging and is super easy to clean. Wipe it down with a baby wipe and then drop it in the satin pouch. Also, is a fabulous birthday gift or wedding shower gift. Your friends will love you forever. 

              You can buy these must-have sex toys for women right here or come into our Dallas sex store to shop. (If you follow that link and you'll see a few more we like as well!) We also picked out the best sex toys for men! Check them out!

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