Unboxing the Vive Shiatsu Double Ended Wand

The Spot has picked up a new Dutch line of luxury pleasure objects called Vive. They're stunningly beautiful! One of our faves is the double ended wand, Shiatsu. With independent motors in the broad head and the thin handle, this is an amazingly versatile toy!

Overview of the Vive Line

All of the Vive line is made from some of the silkiest silicone I've ever felt. (It's anti-dust, too.) Gleaming gold tone body-safe plastic accents give them a look that rivals Lelo's Insignia line. They're also rechargeable and waterproof, and come in beautifully designed box-within-a-cover packaging.

Storage-Worthy Discreet Packaging

A life-size photo of the Shiatsu against a putty-gray background is featured on the front cover. The side panels give you close-ups of the plasure object. Slide that cover off, and you're greeted with a sturdy box the in solid color of your Shiatsu. This box is totally appropriate for storage. The surface is a matte finish, and the words Vive Shiatsu are discreetly embossed in gloss lettering of the same color. One long side of the box contains a magnetic closure. This allows it to open like a book. Within it, the Shiatsu and the charger are nestled in firm, black foam. Attached to the inside of the cover is an envelope containing five separate owner's manuals in five different languages!


Like most other luxury lines, the Shiatsu is both rechargeable and waterproof. The back of the Shiatsu has a jack that's completely covered in self-healing silicone. Plug the included cable into it, then plug the other end into any USB compatible charger. The middle control button will flash orange while it's charging, then turn green when ready.

Two Separate Motors

The Shiatsu contains two different motors with two very different feels! The head of the Shiatsu is a half-globe studded with 24 little nubs. This end has a bit of padding under the silicone cover, and will "give" when you press on it. The neck on this end is moderately flexible, allowing for a very natural-feeling massage sensation. The motor in the head has a nice deep sensation to it. It's not quite as rumbly as Lelo's large Smart Wand, but when I firmly hold the Shiatsu head in my hand, I can feel the vibrations all the way up to my elbow!

The other end is a tapered curve. Moving outwards from the middle of the wand, it has a thin neck that slightly flares out before slimming down to a fine point. It has a firm core with zero flexibility. The motor on this end has a more gentle, buzzy vibration. You can feel it down the entire length of the wand, but that tapered point allows you to put those vibrations exactly where you want them.

Three Button Control plus a Remote Control Phone App

The controls are in the middle of the wand. A middle button is flanked by a plus and a minus button. They're made from the gold tone body-safe plastic, and are really easy to find by both sight and feel. To turn on the motor in the broad head, hold down the middle button and the plus button at the same time. Then, use the plus button to scroll through the three solid intensities and three pulse patterns. To activate and control the motor in the tapered end, do the same with the middle and minus buttons.

Need more control? Vive offers a phone app in Goggle Play and Apple App Store. It connects via bluetooth, and allows you to use your phone as a remote control. The app has some nifty features, like designing your very own pulse pattern!

Final Thoughts

All of the Vive line look and feel very luxurious. And with the textured head, flexible neck, and double-ended design, the Shiatsu is a creative take on the wand massager. If you need super-deep rumble, you might want to consider the Lelo Smart Wand. But, the two independent motors and the phone app that functions as a remote make this a welcome addition to our collection of wands here at The Spot Boutique.

Want to see if the Shiatsu could be for you? Swing by our Dallas location to take a look at the display model. We’re conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade stoplight.

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