Lovesense Lush 2 Made No Sense, but We-Vibe Chorus Has a Very Happy Ending

Merry here again with a review of the couples toy the We-Vibe Chorus! 

It is such a buzzkill when you buy a sex toy, wait for it to arrive, enjoy all of the anticipation and then when it arrives it is a big bust! That is how I felt about my Lovense Lush 2 purchase. Of course, that made me gun-shy about buying another luxury sex toy, but the We-Vibe Sync had so many amazing reviews and I talked to several of my friends who loved their We-Vibe Chorus.

It's great alone or together!

The appeal for me (and my sweetie) is that we could use it together or separately; and that it would be fabulous for time alone and sexy times together! He was very interested in the idea of controlling the toy with the app. I was very excited with the idea that it also has a remote control. He wanted to be able to control it from the next room or while he traveled for business. (Remember travel?)  I wanted to be able to masturbate hands free. 

The remote control is killa!

A long time ago I did have an older model of the We-Vibe way back in the day before it had a remote control and that was always tricky for me. Personally, I love a blended orgasm. But, without a remote control, my orgasm was more difficult to control because I was always having to fiddle with the buttons in the “nose” of the toy. That was no fun, in the middle of the moment, trying to turn the vibe’s intensity down or up.  This new remote control and new app definitely had me intrigued. 

No off-gassing. Thank you We-Vibe

I am so thankful that so many of the really great adult toys manufacturers care about the materials they use for toys we plan to use on our genitals. I mean, it seems like common sense, but 5 to 10 years ago, you would still see all of those junky toys at your local sex toy emporium. You know the ones - the ones that smell like petroleum and melt all of the other sex toys in your drawer next to the bed. The ones that make the drawer and the other toys stinky? The We-Vibe Chorus is medical grade silicone so there will not be any strange odors transferred to your body or next to your bed. Hooray for progress! 

Couldn't get it out of the box fast enough

When the We-Vibe Chorus finally arrived at our place, we were pretty excited to get it out of the box and get it charged up! But, no need to wait. It arrived fully charged. WOOT! 

So, we busted out the water based lube and decided to try out some foreplay with it first. The We-Vibe is very bendy and fits on my g-spot and clitoris nicely, even though I am a woman of size. (I have a larger tummy and thick thighs.) First we put it on me and got me warmed up! And, I should mention that the hinges are the business on this vibe. (The hinges are also an improvement to the We-Vibe Chorus that did not exist in their early model.)

Again, hooray for progress. 

This toy is fantastic for masturbation and for foreplay!

We keep talking about the idea of us taking it on a road trip or for me to wear it out to dinner some time while he hangs on to the controller. He also likes the idea of me wearing the toy on a road trip and him having the remote control in his own hands. Sounds like torture, but could be fun. I will try anything once. 

In combination with the clitoral stimulator, it is a DREAM vibrator

The motor is great for a clitoral orgasm. It is strong enough for a blended orgasm  and that makes me very happy. The Love Sense was a big joke for any kind of orgasm, honestly. The clitoral stimulation of the We-Vibe is more rumbly than buzzy. The g-spot stimulator portions of the vibe is more on the buzzy side of things. But, together they are really good together. Not sure I could ever really have a g-spot-only orgasm from this vibe, but in combination with the clitoral stimulator, it is a DREAM vibrator. The remote control allows you to turn it higher or lower to let you warm up and tease out a very intense climax.

It works great for couples intercourse

The original concept for this sex toy is to be used together. It is considered a couples toy, after all. So that brings me to our next bit of fun. Level up! 

It works great for couples intercourse. The g-spot portion of the vibe is nice and thin so there is plenty of space for a toy or a penis, too. You wear the vibe sort of like clamped over your vulva so that it hits our clit and you g-spot in unison. It worked really well for missionary fun and we definitely plan on keeping it in our rotation! You can also use it for cowgirl on top, too. Any position where your bodies stay in contact from 80 to 90% off the time, it works great. We did find it a little tricky when trying to use it for doggy style sex, but, that is our only complaint. 

4.5 stars from us

So does it beat Lovense Lush? Absolutely. No contest. We would give this toy 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. It is super easy to clean, easy to charge. It is rechargeable, which is better for the environment. Plus, you can charge it anywhere and never have to rely on batteries. The vibe is great for couples time and for alone time, which makes it a great value. It could also be discreet and fun to use out on a sexy date or for a long road trip. 

I have also read that some couples use it sort of like a penis ring and then have the vibration on the shaft and testicles. So, stay tuned. We will get back to you as soon as we have tried it and will report back, asap! 

Meanwhile, come buy the We-Vibe Chorus right here at The Spot Boutique in Dallas. Or now you can buy online and get it shipped or pick it up curbside.

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