What You Need To Know About Lube Before Buying Your First Bottle

Ever tried buying personal lubricant only to discover that there's about a bazillion different brands and styles? Water based, silicone, oil based, flavored, organic, arousing, warming, cooling, his & hers, body safe, water friendly... The list goes on and on. But, once you understand the basics, you'll be able to find the one just right for you.

Should you choose water based or silicone?

This is an easy one. Low quality silicone lubes will deteriorate pleasure objects that contain silicone. They can also stain fabric. Using a water based product allows you to experiment with any pleasure object. And no need to break out the cheap sheets every time you use one. All water based lubricants will evaporate faster than silicone, though. To make reapplication easy, pour your lube of choice into a clean soap pump bottle and set it nearby. Just pump a little into your hand when you need more!

If you and your partner aren't using a pleasure object, then a silicone product extends the time between re-applications. Silicone is also the best choice if you're planning on being in water. Uberlube is our go-to product here at The Spot. It's one of the few silicone lubes that are safe to use with any pleasure object or barrier protection. It has a silky-smooth texture unlike anything else on the market. And you can even use it to style your hair. Really.

Do you need an organic lube?

Not all lubes are created equal. Carefully read labels if you're sensitive to glycerin, parabens, or petroleum products. Want to avoid synthetic ingredients all together? Choosing an organic lube will reduce your exposure to these products. Watch out for oil-based products if you're using latex barrier protection, though. The oil will damage the latex, reducing its effectiveness. Sliquid Organics offers a wide range of all natural, vegan, latex-friendly personal lubricants.

What's the difference between arousing and flavored lube?

If you're ready to try to a product that does something other than enhance personal lubrication, remember this: Arousing lubrication is for the person it's on. Flavored lube is for the person putting it on. Arousing lubricants will create a warming, cooling, or tingling sensation when applied to sensitive areas. Flavored lubricants add to the oral experience when used with a partner. Some people are sensitive to the flavor or arousing agents in these products, so be sure to start with a high quality brand. System JO is famous for their wide range of artificial-sweeteners-free flavored lubes. And the Volt series of arousal serums allow you to choose your preferred level of intensity. Want to try both at once? System JO's Oral Delight delivers great taste and a blast of cool sensation!

Still have questions? Stop by The Spot. We'll help you sort through your options, and explain the pros and cons of all of our personal lubricants. We're conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Bush Tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade Lane stoplight. Click here for google map and directions.


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