What's The Difference Between Bathmate Hercules And Hydromax?

Bathmate makes a range of water-powered men's pumps. They can all be used in the bath or shower, and you'll never need to worry about batteries or faulty motors. But, what's the difference between their two most popular models, the Hercules and the Hydromax?

The Hercules

TLDR: Manual pump that uses water and a one-way valve to create sustained suction. Measure your progress in millimeters. Two sizes available.

The Hercules is Bathmate's original model. It's made of a solid plastic body that kind of looks like a water bottle with the bottom cut off. Flexible plastic accordion bellows (also bottomless) that create the pumping action are attached to the base. Simply fill the bottle-like-container with water and press the open base against the body to create a seal. Pull the Hercules towards the body so that the bellows compress. A one-way valve on the tip of the Hercules releases water, but won't let any in when you relax the bellows. That creates the suction. When you're done, press the valve to release the pressure before removing the pump.

The Hercules is available in three translucent colors: red, clear, and blue. Each color features a printed-on ruler in millimeters so that you can track your progress. According to the Bathmate website, the Hercules will work for men who have a normal erection length of up to seven inches. If your normal erection reaches past seven inches, opt for the Goliath. It works the same way, but with a little more head-room. (See what I did there?)

The Hydromax

TLDR: Wider and more powerful bellows. More comfortable and efficient seal against the body. Valve redesigned for convenience and safety. Measure progress in both inches and millimeters. Three pump sizes available.

The Hydromax is the upgraded version of the Hercules. The bellows are now 35% stronger, so you can create your desired suction with less effort. They're also wider, allowing for greater girth expansion. Bathmate also improved the gasket-like seal on the end of the bellows to make it more comfortable against the body and to reduce loss of suction. The one-way valve even got an upgrade. On the Hercules, you hold a little button down while you fill it with water. On the Hydromax, you flip a little switch. This means you don't have to keep your hand on the end of the pump while it fills. Bathmate also incorporated an automatic safety release in the Hydromax valve. If suction exceeds appropriate levels, it will slowly release pressure.

Want to measure your progress in inches? The Hydromax guide offers both Imperial and metric measurements. The Hydromax is also available in three sizes: X20, X30, and X40. They've kept the three translucent colors, too.

Bonus: The Hydromax Xtreme

TLDR: Awesome accessories include a handball pump, shower strap, separate measuring gauge, water based lubricant, comfort insert, cleaning kit, towel, and locking carrying case. 

Want the best of Bathmate? The Hydromax Xtreme comes with an accessory pack that includes a handball pump. It works just like the hand pump on a blood pressure cuff. Instead of pulling the entire pump towards the body to create suction, just squeeze the ball. It's more comfortable and you have greater control over the level of suction. Want to use the Xtreme like a traditional Hydromax? No problem, the handball pump detaches.

You also get a shower strap that allows for hands-free use in the shower. Other accessories include a separate measuring gauge, water based lubricant, comfort insert, cleaning kit, a towel, and a locking carrying case. It's really everything you need to get the most out of your pump experience.

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