What's The Difference Between Lelo Tiani 2 and L'Amourose Lana+?

Couples toys are super popular here at The Spot. They're worn by a woman, but create sensation for both partners. Lelo's Tiani 2 has been a part of our collection for years, and we've just added the Lana+ by L'Amourose. They both have the same basic design, but offer up some fun differences.

Lelo Tiani 2

TLDR: Worn by the woman to provide vibration to both partners. Flexible internal silicone arm. External vibrator is a vertical oval shape. Remote adjusts intensity for every pattern, vibrates in sync with toy, and changes the vibration when tilted or shook.

Tiani 2 is shaped like a capital letter C that's been kind of squished into an acute angle. One side of the squished C is a flexible silicone arm that fits inside the woman's anatomy. The other side is a vertical-oval-shaped external vibrator. It sits on the outside of the body, and does two things. First, it offers direct stimulation to the wearer. It also sends vibrations to the internal silicone arm, so that all of the Tiani 2 vibrates when it's turned on. That way both partners experience the lovely sensations during intercourse.

Tiani 2 is paired with a wireless remote. The three button controls allow you or your partner to scroll through the pulse patterns. Once you find one you like, use the remote to increase or decrease the intensity. But, the remote doesn't stop there. It vibrates in sync with the toy! That means you can hand the remote to your partner, and they'll have instant feedback when they change the pattern or intensity. They can also use the remote as a second external vibrator. The remote also has a couple of button-free features. One allows you to tilt the remote to adjust the intensity. Or just shake it to create random rumbles!

Tiani 2 Details:

6 pulse patterns with adjustable intensities

Both toy and wireless remote are silicone and body safe plastic

Bonus remote features: acts as a separate external vibrator, button-free control of intensity, and shake-controled rumbles

Toy is rechargeable via USB cord

Remote takes two AAA batteries


One year warranty and ten year manufacturer's guarantee


L'Amourose Lana+

TLDR: Same concept, but external vibrator is a removable egg bullet that sits in a horizontal position against the body. Remote features a touchpad for complete intensity control. Create your own pulse pattern with memory function.

Lana+ is shaped similarly to Tiani 2. It has a flexible internal silicone arm and an external vibrator. But, there are some key differences. Tiani 2's vibrator is incorporated into the toy, but Lana+'s is a removable bullet. The silicone arm has a ring on one end, and Lana+'s body-safe plastic vibrator slips right into it. The ring holds the egg-shaped bullet in a horizontal position, and it serves the same two functions as Tiani 2's vibrator. It's a bit larger than the Tiani 2, and provides strong external vibration, as well as sending those vibes down the internal arm for both partners to enjoy.

Lana+'s wireless remote really sets it apart from the Tiani 2. It features three buttons plus a large touchpad. The power button turns the toy on. Another button lets you scroll through the pulse patterns. And when you find the one you like, use the touchpad to control the inensity. Touch the bottom area to make it gentle, then slide your finger up the pad to crank it up. Or, tap anywhere on the pad to create your own pulse pattern. Want to save that pattern? Hold down the memory button, and the remote will remember and play back the next ten seconds of touchpad use.

You'll also never need to worry about batteries with the Lana+. The remote doubles as the egg bullet's charging dock. A USB cord plugs into the remote, and the egg magnets to the docking port on the back of the remote.

Lana+ Details:

5 pulse patterns with adjustable intensities

Removable egg bullet can be used alone

Bonus remote features: Touchpad allows for instant intensity control, Create your own pulse pattern with the memory button

Silicone and body safe plastic

Both bullet and remote are rechargable via one USB cord


One year warrenty

Want to see the difference between the Tiani 2 and Lana+? Swing by our Dallas location to view our display models. We’re conveniently located on Preston Road just south of the Pres. George Tollway. Look for us at the Mapleshade stoplight.

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